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My name is Paweł Kowalczyk and I’m a personal advisor who helps entrepreneurs enter the Polish market. With my wife and three kids I live in beautiful city of Gdańsk in Poland. 

Gdańsk is a great city with huge potential for new business. It has been developing very rapidly in recent years and in this time I have opened and build from the scratch Elbike factory for Swedish company and warehouse with quality control for British company.

As for my work experience, I have had the opportunity to work in various fields such as sales, management, and logistics. However, my most significant achievement so far has been opening and establishing an electric bicycle factory as a plant manager for Ecoride. I successfully managed the factory for five years, introduced new standards, built company structures, planned production, and supervised the purchase and delivery of parts. I also managed a team of 70 workers, conducted weekly video meetings between China, Sweden, and Poland, and improved quality control to enhance our products.

In my roles, I have gained extensive experience in managing teams, implementing quality standards, and improving production processes. I have also been involved in warehouse management, inventory control, and customer service. During my time at Rebound Electronics, I built a new warehouse and quality team from scratch and achieved certification to deliver electronic components to aviation and military companies.

After gaining extensive experience in the corporate world, I decided to use my knowledge to help others by opening my own business as a personal advisor. My main aim is to facilitate the process of opening new businesses in Poland and help entrepreneurs navigate the complex legal and regulatory landscape.

I will help you open a company in Poland

As a personal advisor, I’m passionate about helping businesses enter the Polish market. I offer a wide range of services, including finding the best location for your business, planning layout and all necessary equipment, recruiting the best workers, and adapting your business requirements to meet Polish laws and regulations. I understand that starting a business in a foreign country can be daunting, which is why I offer comprehensive services to make the process seamless.

With my commitment to quality, attention to detail, and efficient management style, I can help your business thrive in Poland. I have trusted partners in HR, accounting, real estate, rebuilding, legal services, transport and logistics, and I’m here to guide you through the process every step of the way.

Trust me to help you make your mark in the Polish market and achieve your production goals. Contact me today to learn more about how my personal advisor services can benefit your business.

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Recommendation from a Swedish Company EcoRide:

I had the pleasure of working with Paweł Kowalczyk for five years at EcoRide. During that time, Paweł established and built from scratch a whole e-bike factory, which went from producing 700 bikes per month with 30 workers to 3000 bikes per month with 70 workers. As the General Plant Manager, Paweł was responsible for managing the production plant, introducing standards and building company structures, and supervising supply chain logistics to ensure all components were delivered at the right time to secure production. Paweł is highly organized, effectively manages teams, and is conscientious and responsible. He developed and monitored budgets of subordinate areas, monitored performance indicators, and took actions to optimize costs and efficiency. I would highly recommend Paweł to anyone looking for a personal advisor to help establish their business in Poland.

Recommendation from a British Company Rebound:

"As a business owner looking to expand into Poland, I was fortunate to have met Paweł Kowalczyk. He was instrumental in helping us navigate the local regulations, business practices, and cultural norms to establish our operations in the country. Paweł's expertise and experience in the Polish market were invaluable in guiding us through the process and ensuring our success. Paweł was responsible for organizing and opening the newly established branch of the company, developing the space, purchasing necessary equipment, signing contracts with contractors, recruiting and implementing employees, and adapting warehouse standards to meet standards for the storage and control of electronic components. Paweł is highly organized, effectively manages teams, and is conscientious and responsible. He supervised logistics, and in one year, trained the workers and prepared the warehouse to achieve certification to deliver components to aviation and military companies. Paweł is a valuable asset to any organization and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a personal advisor to help establish their business in Poland.

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