Capital Companies in Poland

Capital Companies in Poland 

In Poland, entrepreneurs can run their business in various legal forms of companies, each offering different benefits and limitations. Choosing the right legal form of company is a key step for any entrepreneur, as it affects debt liability, taxation, management structure and other important aspects of the business. In this article, we present an overview of the legal forms of companies in Poland. 

Limited liability company (Sp. z o.o.) 

Required share capital: PLN 5,000.00. 

This is the most popular legal form of companies in Poland. It is characterized by the fact that the liability of the partners is limited to the amount of their contributions to the company’s share capital. This means that the partners are not liable for the company’s debts with their private assets. 

A limited liability company may be run as a sole proprietorship or as a multi-member company. This type of company is obliged to keep full accounts and therefore to file financial statements. 

Public limited company (S.A.) 

Required share capital: PLN 100,000.00. 

A joint-stock company is suitable for large-scale enterprises that are thinking about a stock market debut. The share capital of a joint-stock company is divided into shares and the shareholders’ liability is limited to the value of the shares they hold. 

The advantage of joint-stock companies is that they can issue shares and bonds and thus raise capital for further development. In order for the company to function, special bodies such as the management board, the supervisory board and the general meeting must be established. 

The accounts of a public limited company must be kept by means of full accounting. The annual accounts, on the other hand, must be audited every time. 

Simple public limited company 

Required capital: PLN 1.00. 

This is a relatively new legal form of company in Poland. It was created mainly for smaller companies, such as start-ups. he biggest advantages of a simple joint-stock company are a very low share capital and the possibility of setting up a company via the Internet within one day. 

It only takes one person to set up a simple limited company, but it can just as easily be done by several people or another company. The exception is that it is not possible for a one-person limited liability company to form a company. 

A simple joint-stock company is subject to corporate income tax and its accounts must be kept using full accounting. 

The choice of the appropriate legal form of a company in Poland depends on many factors, such as the size of the business, the number of partners, the type of business and the level of liability you wish to incur. It is advisable to consult a lawyer or business advisor to thoroughly understand all aspects of each company form and make the best decision for your business. A well-considered choice will help you avoid problems and increase the chances of your business succeeding in Poland.

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