Company registration in Poland


For all of the citizens of the EU or citizens of EOG registering company in Poland is for free. You can open a sole proprietorship or a limited liability company without any obstacles.

If you will choose to register proprietorship:

You can open the company through internet. To do this, go to the website, and then the command “Submit a CEIDG application”, the “Register a company in CEIDG” button and “Start”. The next step is to log in using the Trusted Profile or e-ID and follow the procedures on the screen.

You will also need to apply for PESEL number (personal individual number) – this will help out to set up a trusted profile. – all for free

At the beginning of activity, the legislator offers business owners preferential conditions so that they can start their business and earn revenue. For the first six months, no social security contributions are paid at all, only health contributions. Then, in turn, you can switch to preferential ZUS (social security), which you are entitled to for the next two years.

Preferential ZUS is calculated from 30% of the minimum wage. Since this year the minimum wage is increasing from July 1, preferential ZUS contributions will be increased in the second half of the year. The basis for the assessment of contributions will change. Until June 30, it is PLN 1047 (EUR 232,57), from July 1 – PLN 1080 (EUR 239,90). Therefore, preferential ZUS contributions for new companies in the first half of 2023 are:

pension – PLN 204.37 (EUR 45,40);
disability pension – PLN 83.76 (EUR 18,61);
sick leave – PLN 25.65 (EUR 5,70);
resultant – PLN 17.48 (EUR 3,88).
Total: PLN 331.27 (EUR 73,59).

Contributions in the second half of 2023 will amount to:

pension – PLN 210.82 (EUR 46,83);
disability pension – PLN 86.40 (EUR 19,19);
sick leave – PLN 26.46 (EUR 5,88);
resultant – PLN 18.04 (EUR 4,01).
Total is PLN 341.71 (EUR 75,90).

If you will choose limited liability company to be able to register you will need to:

A limited liability company (shortly z o.o.) is one of the most popular forms of running a company in Poland. According to Art. 151 of the Code of Commercial Companies, a limited liability company may be established by one or more persons for any legally permissible purpose, unless the law provides otherwise. A limited liability company cannot be established solely by another single-member limited liability company.

The articles of association stipulate whether a partner may have only one or more shares. If a shareholder may have more than one share, then all shares in the share capital should be equal and indivisible. The company’s share capital should amount to at least PLN 5,000 (EUR 1110,66).

!!!The articles of association of a limited liability company should be concluded in the form of a notarial deed – this will cost around 600 – 800pln (EUR 133,28-177,70)

I can help you out to fill up all the forms and register all the necessary documents.

After its done we can start to plan setting up the business.

I can help you choose the location, prepare the layout and look for workers .

You need to be aware of the costs:

– cost of employers – depends of the roles  – at least 6000pln (1332,79 EUR) per month per person

– accountings – if you hire one – 9000pln ( 1999,18 EUR) per month per person – or as outsourcing – 800-1000pln (177,70-222,13 EUR) monthly (depends of number of invoices)

– HR and payroll – best to start with outsourcing – cost 20pln (4,44 EUR) per worker

– rent a place – all depends from the size – small 150 -200 square meters – 15 000 – 20 000pln (3331,97- 4442,62 EUR) per month, bigger like 1000 square meters – 40,52pln (9 EUR) per meter 

That should be most of the big expenses. All depend of the size of the company and amount of workers. I can guide you through all the steps and I can help you out to find the best solution and how to reduce costs. 

All amounts were converted at the EUR/PLN exchange rate of 4.50195

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