Easy way to register limited liability company in Poland

If you have read my previous blog information How to register company in Poland you already know what steps you need to take to be able to run the company in Poland but here I want to give you an extra tip what is the easy way of registering limited liability company in Poland.

To register limited liability company in Poland you need to book a meeting with notary and prepare the notarial deed articles of association of a limited liability company. After the notary will send the application and register the company in KRS (National Court Register).

There is also a second option to register a limited liablility compny without meeting the notary. It is also possible to conclude a company agreement online, in the S24 system. However, this method applies only to simple companies that do not require the introduction of non-standard provisions into the founding act (contract or statute) – the shape of the company’s deed is defined in a ready-made template, the provisions of which cannot be changed.

Remember! Another thing than establishing a company (i.e. concluding an act establishing the company between partners) is registering a new company in the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register. This activity is a mandatory condition for granting the company legal personality and its operation in economic transactions.

The method of registering a company in the National Court Register depends on how the company agreement was concluded. If it was done in the S24 system, you will register the company only through this system. You will not be able to submit an application for registration of the company in the National Court Register via the Court Register Portal (dedicated to companies established in a traditional form).

Benefits of establishing a company through S24

Choosing this method of establishing a company brings tangible benefits:

  • You complete all formalities online, without leaving your home. The system is intuitive and will guide you step by step through the process of concluding a company agreement and registering it in the National Court Register
  • S24 contains all standard documents that you fill out in an electronic form
  • You will avoid the need to conclude a company agreement in a special form (for example in a notarial form in the case of a limited liability company), which – apart from time – will save the costs of notarial fees
  • You will pay a lower court fee: instead of PLN 500, you will pay PLN 250.

All the information you can find polish government page https://www.biznes.gov.pl/pl/portal/00167

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